Monday Thoughts on MKMMA-Wk4 POW!WOW!

Hello Everyone!

POW! The more I learn the more I realize I need to learn more. Wow! Did you watch those videos yet? Pow! there’s one on the kisser! Wow! I never thought I was a “junkie” looking for my fix, hell of an analogy, isn’t it? Pep-tides, cells, neuro links, my goodness! Things are now really making sense, at least to me. I can see the method to Mark and Davene’s madness. I also see why you wait till the fourth week to show those videos! I can understand the need for the repetitions, I coached soccer for a long time and the players would always complain about doing the same activities, (that’s the PC term)drills, but by DOING these drills, receiving the ball, passing, carrying the ball, etc they became “HABIT” where you don’t even notice you’re doing them. That’s precisely what Mark and Davene are doing to us, starting new habits, to break old habits! It’s very, very, interesting to watch people notice the changes in me lately. AND for that matter, it’s very interesting to me to see the changes occurring with me. Who said “old dogs can’t learn new tricks!”

Speaking of new tricks, I’m going to play with the twitter deck and see if I can figure that out! Then next trick out of the hat, is the blog roll roster. Watch for flares over Michigan, I may need some help! I think I have the “The About” bio thing right on the blog. At then end of my blog, if I just read the last one published it shows, along with the twitter facebook and email “widgets”(is that the right term). It shows, but when I click on the about at the top, it just talks about the about feature, I’ll get it right, sooner or later.

I do have my “Conference Call” number and we’re already doing team calls, that’s cool! Going to put together a schedule and I’ll publish it-it will be generic training sessions, not specific to my company in keeping within the rules of the MKMMA.

Have any of you read the “Emerson on Compensation” yet. I read it through one time last night, it is a different read. I would be interested to hear what some of you think of it myself. Very different, but interesting…there’s a reason or else Mark wouldn’t waste our time reading it.

In case any one doesn’t know this yet…..I’M ALL IN ONE HUNDRED PERCENT(100%) TILL THE END (OR THE BEGINNING), however you want to say it!

If any one would like to connect on Facebook, my URL is

I don’t promote my business there, other than my web-site on my profile. I promote Mark’s laziest networker site and our MKMMA blogs.

I hope that what I said on the webcast last night made sense to you and helped in anyway.

More later, going to go adventuring…..taking Luke and Leia with me LOL!…I know somewhere Darth Vader is floating around…..and

I Always Keep My Promises,

Dan Myers


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Friday Thoughts on MKMMA- Wk3

Not going to be a rambling one now, just had to share some thoughts of the last few days. Everything is getting easier, many exciting things are happening in my life and in my business partners lives. I don’t call them my downline, or my upline, they are my business partners. Yesterday I received a phone call from Bill W, one of his customers wants to find out about the business opp, loves the product by the way. Meeting them next week. Another one from A.J., his customer wants to find out about the business too. How about that!! For myself I have two people who are now ready for some info, who several times said NO! Funny how things change when you attitude changes, isn’t it.

Still having some challenges on the quiet time, pictures of my DMP and PPN’s keep coming up, in Living Color! It’s very exhilarating to say the least! I’ll get there. I’ll tell you want happened during my time this morning, it’s funny! I opened my eyes and two of our cats were sitting on the dresser just staring at me, and when I looked at them, they looked at each other, I swear in their looks, they said “Dan is going nuts with this stuff”. I guess you have to be here! LOL!

I’m going to go out and make some sales calls some new friends, it’s a beautiful day here in Michigan!

Oh, one more thing, it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone okay, promise?

You have to wait until I can build for it, I spoke to Mark J yesterday on the phone. We’ re going to set-up a “Get Together”(Training) when Mark and Davene come state-side next year. Are you Kidding Me is what I thought at first, but after talking to Mark for awhile I realized that this was one of the manifestations that I’d been thinking about, even more so after I read the newsletter offering this. It does work my friends, it does work.

I’ll say this right now, you wouldn’t be able to get me out of this MKMMA course with TNT!

Seriously, I believe that all of us were searching for this, or something, and the Infinite Universe, God, if you will, put all of us together to do Great Things for as many people as we can. This I Believe in my Heart and my Being. We are Destined to be Friends for Life.

I’m going to make some new friends now, be good to yourself.

I Always Keep My Promises,

Dan Myers Sr

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Interesting Conversations with Self- Week 3 MKMMA

I just turned 59 on Monday and have been reflecting on my life, the successes and the failures. I’ve been having some interesting conversations with myself, especially during the sitting quiet times.  Yes, I know that in this stage we are supposed to not think of anything, but that’s coming soon. But the interesting things going on now is that my sub-conscious is not fighting me as much as it was over the last 2 weeks.  The successes were when I had the goal written down and really visualized it happening, the failures occurred when I didn’t, or just not really wanted it bad enough, even when I said I did. Does that make sense? I’ve been working on my DMP4 with my PPN’s writing it in the present tense, that’s been real interesting! LOL! But you know what, I can already see it and feel it, it’s been exciting! I plan on finishing it tonight and sending it in, going to be interesting to see what everyone thinks of it.  And the best part of it so far, is my sub-conscious is not kicking on it, almost like it is saying…HMMMM why have you been waiting so long to get it. I like it! The reading part of our work, if you can call it work, the repetition of it really starts to make the changes in how I think and the ways to do things. It’s just great. I’ve also found out during the last few weeks is that I’m more open with my feelings with everyone and have had family and friends mention to me…What’s going on, you’re different. How do you explain to them that I’m growing and changing, even at 59! So I just say the “Old Dog” can learn some new tricks, and I’ll explain things to you as I go along on this wonderful Journey with all of you in our Master Key Master Mind Alliance. The Best is Yet To Come!

I’m ready to begin, learn and share all with anyone who’s searching….for what, you ask, it doesn’t matter…what’s in your Heart! I love you all!

I Always Keep My Promises,


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Beginning of Week 3 in MKMMA!

Hello Everyone!

The Webcast starts in about 15 minutes. I’m excited and ready to get started.

It’s been a real interesting past week-finding the time is now getting easier to do the work. I’m ready to begin learning the TwitterDeck, and the linking websites.

Some of my challenges that I’ve had this week have taken on a smaller focus, if that’s the right word. We all have them, sometimes they feel like they have taken over. I’m discovering that a lot of it is just the”small stuff”, it won’t matter in the overall.

Thanks to Mark and Davene, you’ve helped me see the “Real Dan” and I’m ready.

More to follow…

I Always Keep My Promises,

Dan Myers

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My Second Week in MKMMA-Wow!

Hello Everybody!

I have to say it again..Wow! This second week has been very interesting, so much to learn and UNLEARN! Mark did say there will be some resistance, I know I’m bull-headed, strong-willed(I’ve been wanting to use that strike through key-LOL) but the second guessing going on inside my head since I picked my Personal Pivotal Needs has been interesting. They are; Autonomy and Liberty. Picked them right away, they just jumped off the screen at me Sunday Night. But when Mark and Davene discussed what we had to do with them is when it started. OH BOY! did it start. I’ll share just a little of what went on inside Dan’s head, #1 that’s not going to make any difference, why are you doing this anyway. #2 It’s just plain stupid, c’mon, what does that have to do with anything, why are you doing this again. #3 are PPN’s anyway, this is to hard, you got things to this really going to help. #4 what’s Luke and Obi-Wan doing here, Quantum Leap….yeah, old TV show with Scott Bac???…different people each week…What Billy Joel song? Princess Lea? What??? @%*7 missed that…what did he just say? Emerson oh yeah “Quiet Desperation” #5 why are you doing this Dan????

OMG Shut Up! (pc version) Now Listen – Pay Attention – This is Important! I’m doing this to STOP LIVING BACKWARDS! I’m living FORWARD from now on.  I’m not going to QUIT!

That’s just some of it…I know that the doubts will stop when the subconscious  realizes that it going to happen and it will get easy as we move on further into the course.

This has been a challenging week aside from the above…have to move again, find a house and all that. I know in my heart that “everything is going to be all-right”

Fell down a little on my reading one day, didn’t get my assignments in on Monday…been a struggle. Felt a lot of “Guilt”…I need to get this done kinda stuff…then my old buddy jumps in with “why are we doing this” just quit…sign up for next one, when things will be easier. EXCUSES EXCUSES. I Always Keep My Promises are the words I live by now.

Everything is gonna be all-right, I know it! The thinking is shifting and Resistance is Futile.

This course, really, is one of the best things to happen to me in quite a while. It will be a “life changer” that I can tell all-ready.

Back to my Personal Pivotal Needs- Autonomy and Liberty.  I spend some time getting the definitions of them, studying them, reading them, and you know what, those are actually what I need. The other five will follow once I start living with my two needs. More to come on them in the next post.

I know I’m rambling here, I’m not used to putting these type of thoughts on paper let along posting for everyone to read.  Once it’s on the internet it’s always there, forever they say. Well so be it, if this helps anybody, or more selfishly, if it helps me become a better writer or a better person,” Hooray”!

Oh, one more thing, then I’m done….How about that Twitter Deck!!!! I downloaded and looked at it and thought, “Wow, something outta Star Trek”(okay this is for Mark, “Star Wars”) How long is this gonna take to learn….well that’s for later. (I master that)

Remember…Be Good To Yourself, be Honest and….

I Always Keep My Promises,

Dan Myers Sr




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Thoughts of after week in MKMMA

Words to think and live by….. ” Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.”

Today I Begin a New Life. Today I shed the old skin which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and mediocrity. Today I am born anew and my birthplace is a vineyard where there is fruit for all.

Today my old skin has become as dust. I will walk tall among men and women and they will know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.

Pretty heady words aren’t they? I can assure you that I didn’t write them!(copied actually) But these words and the others that I’ve read and thought about for the past week have definitely made an impression on this “Old Dog” and learnin’ new tricks.  I haven’t read this book in years, sure I opened and read a sentence or two, looked at the underlined passages, kinda faded after 30 years of sitting in my bookcase, and said to myself, “I’ll read this again, soon”. But you know what happens…you get distracted with doing this and doing that…trying to get things done, but really not accomplishing  much because we’re always playing “catch-up”. Always with the best of intentions, yeah, I’ll do that later or tomorrow or never. Pay the bills becomes the focus…books get buried under the pile of papers that you were going to go through, but didn’t, because you’re doing this and doing that. The get-up and go-Gotta get this done, got bills to pay…the circle keeps going round and round…sometimes you feel like you’re meeting yourself on the road coming and going. But again, nothing gets finished because you’re so busy getting other stuff down from the previous, day, week, month, or it hurts me to say this, YEARS.  30 years ago, Yes, 30 years ago I bought this book that I saw at a book store…looked interesting, kinda knew the author, but recognized the names from the recommendations. Hmmm, I love to read, put it in my hand, looked at several others from the then, small section of the book store and bought that and one by, I think Tom Hopkins, I could be wrong, because the one that made the most impression on me was this “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. I couldn’t put it down, stayed up all night reading it…Wow…This is me. I set it aside for a few days and then read it again this time with a highlighter, marked up the pages and even wrote on 3×5 cards some of the sayings in this wonderful book.

Posted them inside on the dash board of my 1966 Ford station wagon. Boy that made an impression on my fellow salesman when they rode with me to make calls. They laughed and laughed at me..what kind of stuff(I’ll use this word, instead of what they really said, LOL!) are you doing Myers? This stuff doesn’t work!  But you know what???  It does and it creates magic if you will only accept these words in your “inner world”.  Re-reading this under the guidance and instructions from Mark J and Davene in this course that I was lucky enough to get accepted into has already made a Difference in my life and the lives of the people I’m involved with on a daily basis. The course is named The Master Key Master Mind Alliance and it will change lives…many, many lives.

Oh, by the way, the words at the beginning were written by, god bless his soul, Og Mandino. Reading his story bio in the hardcover version of this book just given to me by my dear friends, Bill and Gini Woodworth, made me think of myself and some of my life struggles over the past few years.  The tears and heartbreak, while not actually the same, but an early struggle on some of the same things caused me several times during reading to stop and wipe my own eyes of the tears flowing quite freely. It was at that point that I really decided that I was going to do everything in my power to make the changes that I need to do in order the start living my life “Forward” and not “Backwards”,  this is another thing I learned from Mark and Davene here in the last week.

I’m going to start to wrap this up here with something that my Grandmother McMartin used to say to me, kinda of what I wrote at the beginning of this…”Danny, my boy, don’t ever quit, no matter how hard it is, don’t quit, keep at it.” Then she’d kiss my forehead, spin me around, smack my butt with her hand and say “I love you and get to doin’.”

It’s time to” get to doin'” in a Scottish brogue. A solemn commitment. to myself and to all the wonderful people in my life, and to my Grandma, who I can hear in my inner world right now, and who always, always fixed the hurts and the pains of the little boy, who couldn’t get some things right……………

Grandma….. I never quit, ever.  Thank you, I love you

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Inner World is Fighting with the Outer World! Yikes!!

Hello Everyone,

Boy, am I having a tough time grasping the Change! If you could hear what’s going on in my head! The 2×4 whacking me in the head started again Sunday night during the class. I have a reputation of being “bull-headed” and slow to change, even when it’s in my best-interest. I’m really discovering that the things I thought were important, AREN’T, and the things that I always thought, unimportant, are really the most important…..Does that make sense.

When Mark talked about the “Red Pencil”, man, that was the 2×4 again in the head. My whole life I measured things by how I “Scored”, How many deals did I close, by how many Calls, ETC. ETC. Not how many things I did Right, but how Many did I get Wrong…You know, “At least we didn’t screw that up to bad”…so many “negative” thoughts. And I thought that I was Thinking Right…right now, my inner talk is saying, Oh No Dan, don’t say that, somebody might get the wrong idea about you. Well, I don’t care… I’m going to make the changes in my life that I have to, regardless how long it takes and whoever I have to talk to, to “GET IT RIGHT”!

I really struggled with the O>A>T>S part of our assignment. I fought with myself over the layout and the template, even wrote to Mark and Davene. Finally, after sitting for the 15 minutes today it came to me how to lay it out. Yeah, I had it written down on scraps of paper, scattered all about my work area, who I was calling, what we were going to do and so on. But never in one place with clear descriptions of what I need to get done. I can’t believe that I have, over my life time, had as good a life as I have had with the way I have gone about doing things. Sure, I attended trainings on time-management, plan your work and work your plan, read Tons of books and listened to tapes and cd’s DVD’s and all the other, excuse me, Crap! It helped for a few days, but then outcomes the old habits as mark described in the videos. The one where you get under stress and old habits come back, the way you know how to do things, that one that caused the Problem in the first place.  That’s Me, the Poster Boy of that one!

I am happy to be in this course and excited about what we All can find about ourselves and the positive changes that can happen. So, humbly,  can I ask you, fellow MKMMAers, if I need some help with this course, would you lend me a hand?

Thanks and gratitude,

Dan Myers

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